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Toledo Industrial Coatings has served the coating and painting industry since 1991. Our coating specialists are highly trained and/or certified in surface preparation, lead abatement, safety, and high-quality coating applications. We service a wide variety of industries such as, industrial, commercial, manufacturing, chemical, water, wastewater, air handling, power, substation, food processing and marine. Our resurfacing and repair staff specializes in structural rehabilitation for manholes, wet wells, potable water tanks, and lining these structures utilizing high build plural component materials. In addition to field coating services, our shop staff specialize in powder coating. We adhere to strict industry standards set by local, state, federal guidelines. Including SSPC, ASTM, NACE and other regulatory bodies.

Corrosion Protection

Many industrial facilities never sleep, while providing essential services to their communities such as water, power, gas or fuel. Industrial equipment maintenance and protective coatings are formulated to provide protection for exterior and interior substrates against corrosion, abrasion, thermal, and chemical and UV degradation. These corrosion control coating systems are used in areas where extreme environments exist such as intense heat, salt water and other harsh climates, such as the oil, gas, chemical, infrastructure and power segments. Our objective is to apply the highest quality protective coatings to extend the lifetime of equipment, preventing disruption of services, incurred losses and costs. With our utmost commitment to safety, we offer evening and weekend services at no extra cost to minimize the impact on normal production schedule. When necessary, we are willing to work around the clock to get the project done in a short period of time without interrupting workflow.
Toledo Industrial Coatings provides Corrosion Control Coating Services for:

  • Tanks
  • Silos
  • Pipe Coating
  • Heavy Industrial
  • Sheetmetal
  • High Density Steel
  • Air Handling Equipment
Industries Served:

  • Oil/Gas
  • Air Handling OEM’s
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Power Facilities
  • Food Processing
  • Warehouse
  • Water/Waste Water Treatment
  • Ethanol Plants

Abatement & Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation and cleaning includes Sand, Material, & Dry Ice Blasting as well as Water Jetting.

Industries served are: oil, gas, large air handling OEM’s, industrial manufacturing, power generation, food processing and warehouse facilities, water treatment plants, and ethanol plants.

Unfortunately, too many metal finishing operations overlook the importance of the preparation, or, pre-treatment step. The presence of dirt, grease, oil, rust, chemicals and other foreign materials can negatively impact coating adhesion, durability and continuity; those must be removed prior to the application of the metal coating. The best metal finishing companies understand the quality of a coating is only as good as the condition of the underlying surface. Our surface preparation services begin with an initial consultation. We will evaluate your project objectives to help you determine the right techniques for your unique manufacturing applications. We’re also willing to test a variety of methods to pinpoint the one that will produce the best results. We will even develop prototypes before moving forward with full-scale production. This process is all part of our unwavering commitment to achieving total satisfaction for every customer, regardless of project size or scope.

Blasting and Cleaning:

  • Abrasive Blasting is one of the most commonly used methods for heavy-duty cleaning of industrial facilities. This process involves pressurized air to propel grain size materials into a fine stream at an extremely high speed creating tremendous force.
  • Hydro Blasting relies on the energy of water striking a surface to achieve its cleaning effect. Abrasives are not used; consequently the problems caused by dust pollution are eliminated.
  • Dry Ice Blasting is aggressive enough to remove material but delicate enough to protect your equipment. This method uses solid carbon dioxide (CO2) pellets, which are blasted using pressurized air.
  • Sponge Blasting is a 100% dry method of blasting using a synthetic sponge media with low pressure of 70 to 100 PSI. This reduces dust by 98% allowing for continued operations while blasting occurs. This is an optimum option for ultra delicate surfaces and is considered a “green” method due to recycling of the media, lack of water usage and dust reduction for air quality.
  • Water Jetting uses a stream of water at pressures between 30,000 to 60,000 PSI to quickly remove difficult coatings and debris. This method is efficient and environmentally safe.
  • Additional Methods include standard material blasting, hot and cold power washing. However, Toledo Industrial Coatings is continuously striving to expand our services to meet the needs of our customers.

Blasting can be dangerous if the operator is not properly trained and using the proper equipment. Toledo Industrial Coatings invests in quality equipment and continued education and training of our staff.


  • Lead and Mold Abatement – Our Team at Toledo Industrial Coatings is certified and trained to safely contain, remove and dispose of lead and mold materials according to California Regulation AuthoritiesWe provide a full scope of services to support any lead or mold project.
  • Safety Painting is essential to Employee Health and Workplace Safety. We provide industrial and commercial safety painting services according to the safety standards set by OSHA and NIOSH.
  • Electrical Panel Cleaning – Any amount of corrosion on electrical circuitry can cause malfunctions, excessive resistance, complete electrical failure and potentially fire.  Dry ice blasting provides a non-abrasive cleansing with the equipment in place, reducing equipment downtime, labor costs of disassembling equipment, while minimizing the potential for damage.
  • Food Processing Equipment Cleaning has strict sanitary regulations set by the FDA. We follow standardized food industry rules for cleaning and use the required media to prevent contamination during the cleaning process. Our services cover the scope of industrial coating and blasting tailored to our customers needs.
  • Graffiti Removal maintains a professional esthetic image and prevents diminished property value.  We use different medias and techniques to ensure the integrity of equipment and structures without damage.
  • Intumescent Coatings are directly applied to steel. These coatings work by charring and expanding in the presence of extreme heat. Intumescent coatings fight corrosion in the same way traditional protective coatings in addition to fireproofing.
  • Rust Treatment prevents degradation of metal equipment and structures. Rust corrosion is a costly problem, which can be avoided by regular rust treatments and/or protective coatings.

Resurfacing & Repair

Rehabilitation, resurfacing, repair and application of protective coatings provide a cost effective solution against corrosion, infiltration and exfiltration in less time than it would take to replace your equipment or structures. Every project has its unique challenges. Achieving success in any repair project requires a thorough evaluation of the unique combination of circumstances including type and extent of deterioration, structure or equipment type, exposure, hazards, and more. A repair project should have a flexible approach, while adhering to budget, timeline and quality. Toledo Industrial Coatings will perform an onsite evaluation to determine how to best address your project needs.
  • Lift Stations, Manholes, and Septic rehabilitation of brick or block, and mortar or pre-cast concrete structures is currently prevalent due to age and environmental degradation. The degradation causes break down of the structure, crumbling over time compromising integrity and ultimately can lead to collapse.  There are many methods of repair; ranging from Geopolymer, Epoxies, Urethanes to specialty products applied for leakage control, structural enhancement and corrosion protection.  Toledo Industrial Coating can rehabilitate these structures, prevent future degradation and restore to full operations.
  • Geotextile Fabric/Panel Lining – Polyurea and Polyurethane coatings for geotextile liners are designed specifically to wet out geotextiles and create a durable, flexible and seamless liner for secondary containment. Polyurea secondary containment is ideal for preventing leaks and containing spills of wastewater, fuels and many other chemicals.
  • Epoxy Injection repairs and stops leaks from the inside avoiding excavation and replacement of the concrete structure or surface therefore; is an extremely cost effective, efficient and reliable solution. The epoxy injection process restores the original strength and the structural qualities of the concrete and creates an impermeable seal to air, water, chemicals, debris and other contaminates.
  • Trowel Applied Coating – Due to its high comprehensive strength trowel applied coatings not only repair and restore structural integrity it also provides optimum protection against abrasion damage, many corrosive substances and extremely high temperatures.
  • Anti-Graffiti Coatings protect structures and equipment from graffiti vandalism preserving its value! These permanent coatings inhibit the paint and/or ink from bonding to surfaces.  Essentially creating a graffiti barrier over metal, concrete, brick, stone, wood, and fiberglass or over existing coating.  Graffiti is easily removed using low-pressure water.
  • Expansion Joint Repair – The purpose of expansion joints are to allow for the normal expansion and contraction, caused by temperature fluctuations, moisture and/or to accommodate flexing and vibration. Proper maintenance and repair are essential to structural integrity. Once your expansion joints fail the concrete can become uneven or expose cracks and chips which become a safety hazard. Proper installation of semi-rigid, polyurea and epoxy joint fillers can restore the function, prevent moisture, chemicals, dirt and debris from entering the gaps while allowing for necessary expansion and contraction and extending the life of the structure of surface.

Floor Coating

Industrial and commercial industries utilize epoxy and urethane coatings or the combination of the two for floor coverings due to its durability, versatility, and cost. These floor coating variations are formulated to address the desired performance depending on the needs and operations of the service facility. Additives for performance and esthetics for color, texture and custom finishes are available. Toledo Industrial Coatings will customize a floor coating system specific to the project needs.

  • High Performance floor coatings for industrial manufacturing environments require unique solutions for managing electrostatic, antimicrobial, chemical, explosion, fire retardants and safety.
  • Antimicrobial Floors assist in prevention of spreading microorganisms, such as bacteria, virus, fungi, mildew, mold and other contaminants. In addition to the anti-microbial additives, these floors are organically resistant because there are no seams, welds, or grout lines where bacteria can potentially grow.  Intergrating a seamless cove base provides for an exceptional hygienic surface reducing the spread of disease.
  • Concrete Repair & Resurfacing provide a quick and cost effective solution to rehabilitate cracked or damaged surfaces. Concrete repairs using epoxy-based materials can resolve trip hazards such as cracks, lifting, pits, and uneven joints.
  • Concrete Polishing can improve the quality of floors, providing a long lasting surface that is harder, more durable and stain resistant to water, oil, chemicals and acids that can seep into bare concrete. This cost effective process can reduce maintenance, extend the life of the floor for many years while creating a beautiful finish.
  • Urethane Cements are also used in concrete repair and resurfacing applications in addition to new flooring systems. Urethane cements are an excellent option for its extreme durability, it is easily applied, fast curing and can be directly applied to concrete surfaces without primer or topcoat.
  • Anti-Slip Coatings provide durable, decorative and most importantly safe floor covering to protect from injuries caused by slippery surfaces.
  • Epoxy Cove Base is integrated into the floor coating to seamlessly travel vertically providing optimum containment of liquids. Water, chemicals, waste and bacteria are unable to travel under the walls.  Proper installation of cove base is essential to its function.
  • Line Striping is essential to Employee Health and Workplace Safety according to the safety standards set by OSHA and NIOSH by clearing identifying hazards, proper direction and assist with efficiency and organization.
  • Trowel Applied Flooring is most commonly applied by hand. This type of application can provide a smoother surface. Troweling can also be a more durable option as the coating is applied thicker at 1/4” to 3/16” thickness which can perform better in heavy use industries such as forklift operations, automotive and commercial garages.

Air Handling

Corrosion prevention maintenance, monitoring and if necessary rehabilitation in air handling systems is vital to the preservation of the equipment.  Once corrosion occurs the air handling system can loose efficiency, increase operating costs and ultimately failure.  Common exposures, such as water pooling, moisture condensation, coastal salt air, wind/water velocity and temperature cause corrosion however; there are other factors that must be managed as well, such as:

  • Galvanic corrosion occurs when two different metals are connected and exposed to moisture.
  • System deposits occur when dirt and debris settle causing deposits. Corrosion can occur underneath these deposits.
  • Dissolved gases – Oxygen and steam are primary problems as they quickly combine with metals used in the system and fuels corrosion.
  • Dissolved solids are minerals dissolved in water such as chlorides and sulfates causing corrosion.
  • Microbiological matter causes corrosion primarily in cooling systems as the higher temperatures in heating systems kill microorganisms.

Successfully preventing corrosion is determined by choosing the correct coating system unique to the combination of circumstances of each air handling unit and budget.  Selecting and applying the proper coating will significantly extend the service life of the equipment.  Toledo Industrial Coatings will perform an onsite evaluation to determine how to best address your project needs.


Before & After

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Industries Served

  • Airport Facilities
  • Animal Care Facilities
  • Animal Research Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Boarding Kennels
  • Breweries
  • Cafeterias
  • Clean Rooms
  • Clinics
  • Cold Storage
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Food & Beverage Processing Plants
  • Fire Rescue and Public Safety
  • Grocery Stores
  • Health Clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Jails
  • Kitchens
  • Laboratories
  • Locker & Shower Rooms
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Facilities
  • Office Spaces
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Prisons
  • Research Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Restrooms
  • Retail Stores
  • Schools
  • Showrooms
  • Walk-in Freezers
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants



Whether Coils, Casings, Shell coatings are required when compared to dismantling for shop repairs or replacement costs and down time, applying a coating system on site outside of operating hours is extremely cost effective.


Many Applications:

  • Coastal Salt Spray Protection Exceeding 10,000 hours
  • Emergency Corrosion Repair Service
  • High Temperature & EMI-RFI Coatings
  • Coating Adhesion Repair
  • Chemical Resistance Agriculture Exhaust Protection
  • Waterproofing for Water Condensation/Pudding
  • Corrosion Abatement
  • Antimicrobial


  • Anti-graffiti and Restoration
  • Lead, Mold Abatement and Asbestos Containment
  • Fluoropolymer Coatings PTFE – FEP – PFA – ETFE

Equipment Examples of Coating Expertise:

  • HVAC Unitary/Rooftop Equipment
  • HVAC-R Units
  • RTU’s (pre-engineered rooftop unitary systems)
  • Coils Systems
  • Fume Hoods
  • Charge-Air Coolers
  • Air Exchangers
  • Air Handlers
  • Radiators and Industrial Process Coolers
  • Charge-Air Coolers
  • Oil Coolers
  • Fin Fan Coolers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • After Coolers
  • Intercoolers
  • Ducting and Piping


"Toledo Industrial has been a very valued client of The Sherwin-Williams Company for over twenty (20) years. We have worked on and completed hundreds of coatings projects together and the result has been many very satisfied and repeat clients. Toledo Industrial completes many of their projects using our high quality, top of the line Sherwin-Williams’ Protective and Marine Coatings. Jesse Toledo and Toledo Industrial are well respected by the community as they are known for being active in community events and supportive of local businesses."

Sherwin Williams


"Doing business with Toledo Industrial is a pleasure. We look for companies that want to partnership not just sell us a service. Toledo Industrial is just that. They are professionals, they have the expertise that we needed and delivered on time and with good quality. Those are the companies we choose to do business with and I recommend Toledo Industrial to anyone who is looking for an industrial coating & painting contractor."

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